LIPSHOK. We've been around a while...not that long of course...and we have a rich history. The songs have all been written by Scarlett Dark, even with the first CD, "LIPSHOK: Electress"...then the next "LIPSHOK: In Darkness, Light", and then "LIPSHOK: The Soul of a Broken Mind". "To Haunt a Quiet Realm" in 2016, and "Shadows of a Dark Heart" in 2021, along with "They Burned It Down" as a single in 2023. The music has gotten more and more intense over the years, as can happen as musicians delve deeper into themselves and their art and bring out more emotion and chords and words and stories than ever thought of. Scarlett lives in an imaginative world and this comes out in all her songs, lyrically, and with the haunting and powerful dynamic changes.

LIPSHOK believes in all the magick in the world, at least Scarlett does, and hopes to bring magick to others through her song writing. This is an original project, with lead vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter Scarlett leading us through the music from the center of the stage, which is highly unusual in and of itself, and that's just an example of what happens live. In the studio, Scarlett does all the lead and harmony vocals, and adds keyboard parts that add to the multi-dimensional feeling of the music.




Scarlett Dark (Debbi Douglas): Lead vocals and keyboards

?: Guitar

Phil Jameson: Bass

Joe Londeree: Drums



Here is our new shortened bio:


Original Gothic Rock      

LIPSHOK is an original gothic rock/symphonic metal act out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Highly unique, Scarlett, the female lead vocalist/songwriter/keyboardist performs keyboards and vocals from the center of the stage live and leads the band with haunting melodic vocals and incredible songs with commercial hooks and mesmerizing compositions. Dynamic chord changes and with fantastic harmonies, LIPSHOK is a band that lets your soul travel to another reality, alternate dimensions, and magical realms. Along with Scarlett Dark is, Phil Jameson on bass, and Joe Londeree on drums, and on the newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” the guitar parts are played by Glen Avelais, who toured and played with Forbidden and Testament. And now an even newer CD "Shadows of a Dark Heart" released in 2021. Along with a single "They Burned It Down" released in 2023.

LIPSHOK is experienced, professional, with a varied background. For many years, LIPSHOK was a corporate dance/party band and even played at Santa Rita Jail 13 times as well as the Dublin Federal Penn twice! Needless to say, everyone loves a captive audience! Then in 2009, they returned the original scene, released a CD in 2010, "In Darkness, Light", and then another CD at the end of 2013 "The Soul of a Broken Mind". The next newest CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” was released 10/31/16 to rave reviews as well as "Shadows of a Dark Heart" released 2021.

Here are some links for information. I have attached an mp3 for you to hear as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scarlett Dark       510-755-1599

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Band Info


LIPSHOK has seen many members over the years, probably about 100! Scarlett has of course been there the whole time, and Scarlett of course named and started the band back when. We have seen many members come and go, and some were good for the band and some breakups were nasty (just like relationships) and some members we will never speak to again. But overall we are friends with about 95% of the ex-members and we wish them the best and I'm sure they feel the same way.... at least we hope they do....


Scarlett Dark: Lead vocals, keyboards and songwriter for the band. Having been classically trained and performing since age 5, Scarlett brings her unique melodies and songwriting abilities to this new LIPSHOK configuration. Her new songs have haunting and mysterious melodies and intricate harmonies that even she didin't know she could do! "Where does this stuff come from?" is often asked by Joe, the drummer, and the answer is The Dark Fantasyland...


Guitar: ???????????


Phil Jameson: Bass. Well, Phil (sometimes known as Chunky) is of course the backbone behind LIPSHOK and has always been. His creative bass lines and his love of doing music always shows through in rehearsals, the studio, and especially live performances. Having had to move all the equipment alone for many years of playing covers, he is reveling in the original scene and the enthusiasm shows!!


Joe Londeree: Drums. Where Joe came from, we don't know, but man, LIPSHOK is sure happy he showed up. What a lightning ball of drumming energy!! He is is fast on the fills and meticulous on timing, and yet so dynamic and fun to work with. Easy going and humble, LIPSHOK is eternally grateful he has joined the team and brought his unique style and versatility. A metal fan, with a unique perspective, he fills the the rhythms in with textbook accuracy!!

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