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"Fall and you'll never want to leave, all of the magick you have seen..."  From the new song "Looking Glass" off Shadows of a Dark Heart...this text to display whatever you want to your users.

"Armed with desperation, to fight this hidden wall, and make this destination, one that will answer the call..

"I'm crashing inside the madness, is this such a bad place to be?" from the song Bad Place off of the newly released CD "To Haunt a Quiet Realm"



This is the link to In Darkness, Light released in 2010

Lipshok: In Darkness, Light


Here is the link to the new LIPSHOK CD: LIPSHOK: The Soul of a Broken Mind




 Here is the link to the newest Lipshok CD: www.cdbaby.com/cd/lipshok3




LIPSHOK: Music that is all original, gothic, eternal, ethereal, dark, and mysterious, with haunting melodies, soaring vocals, and dynamic changes. The music will transport you to another realm where magick is real, dreams come true, dragons fly overhead, the Fae are powerful, the old Gods are worshipped, and all you see is ever-changing. Heavily influenced by progressive symphonic metal styles, and dimensional forevers, LIPSHOK will let your soul travel and your spirit wander...LIPSHOK: Another realm is waiting...


95,804 views since Sunday, 24 January 2010.



Available now! LIPSHOK: To Haunt a Quiet Realm! The Soul of a Broken Mind! In Darkness Light! www.CDBaby.com/lipshok, itunes and Amazon and all online streaming services!


Guest Book

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Michelle, Silicon Valley

First time seeing Lipshok @ The Quarter Note last night. Big. Operatic. Commanding. Tight. Mystical. I especially loved the drummer's double bass panache. You performed a song about the burning of witches but did not catch its title... Looking forward to seeing Lipshok again very soon. Blessed Be to All.

Dana and Pegeen , Redwood City

Awesome new CD!!! Love the vibe, great mix and musicianship...Bravo!!! Your Friends...Sultra Divine

BolshoyPuTinAlex, Russia

Приколы Интернета (зри в хомпагу)

posylka-iz-kitayaColdopporce, Rus


Bernardo Jaxson, bernardojaxson73@gmail.com

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the bass player , hayward

hey why dont you link this contact to face book we need a teaser on the site of the new stuff . Maybe put up the one with glen and link it so he can tell his fans to check it out .

Dark Maiden, The Underworld

Keep it up guys. Your stuff is highly intriging and I can't wait to hear the new stuff!

Francesca Olive Oil, Italy

Love you guys! Can't wait for the next show at The Englander in San Leandro. I will be taking my personal jet into the states to make it!(jammin)

Tony George, Discovery Bay CA

Site looks good Chunk! You guys Rock, we will try to come see you soon!!

Clarice, Watching

Love your site, and your music is awesome!

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