Some of my favorite song lines:


The sky's upside down, the stars drift around, the moon's in my eye, and it's all a lie...


Moments of madness and lunatic peace, that caused the whole roof to cave in...

Sometimes people build walls, not to keep people out, but to see, who cares enough to climb over...


No one can know, how far I'd go...


The world is unwinding me





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So far...

(All songs written by Scarlett Dark)

All About You

Feel the Fire

Living in the Night

Find my Way Home

The Child

Falling Down

Once Again

Dream in a Cloud


Don't Run Away from the Dark

Crystal Eyes

I am No One

I Was Here


No More

Forsaken Lonely

The Dark Mirror

Just the One you Love

You're Not Alone

Smoke on the Wind

It's Over  Now

One of these Days

Keep Hope Alive

Melancholy Madness

Is There a Way


In My Heart

Is it Far for You

The Path of Stone

Carry On

Evil Lost

Against Me

Nothing But Fear

Rain of Fire

Through It All

Carry On

A Soul that Dreams


More of You

The Bad Place

Crawl Back Home

The Unwinding

Answer the Call

Forgotten Gone

Without a Flame