LIPSHOK has been known to open portals to other dimensions as they play...

Chunky concentrating on the bass line...

Turn up my monitors!

LIPSHOK: 2009 and beyond!

Chunky, Scarlett, and Joe

Scarlett singing to the sky

Hopefully the gig rig is working...

Chunky calls upon many elements in his bass playing...

Scarlett singing with the thrash metal band "Suburban Paranoia"

Scarlett singing with "Suburban Paranoia"

One of LIPSHOK's first shows with another ex-guitarist

Scarlett at St. James Gate in Belmont 5/17/13

LIPSHOK at KCRH radio doing an interview. New guitarist is Art Cox on right.

LIPSHOK June 2013 from left to right: Art Cox, Scarlett Dark, Joe Londeree, Phil Jameson


Scarlett with Steven Seaweed at The Bone Radio, 107.7 FM, San Francisco

Nancy, Steven Seaweed, Art Cox, and Scarlett Dark at 107.7 The Bone Radio in San Francisco 8-9-13

Artwork by Fungyee for Quiet Realm

 Inside of CD left

 Sample image considered for newest CD

 New CD image

 Back cover of newest CD

LIPSHOK at Annex in San Lorenzo 8-10-13
Video Shoot 11/23/13
LIPSHOK at The Bone Radio
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