LIPSHOK: Music that is all original, gothic, eternal, ethereal, dark, and mysterious, with haunting melodies, soaring vocals, and dynamic changes. The music will transport you to another realm where magick is real, dreams come true, dragons fly overhead, the Fae are powerful, the old Gods are worshipped, and all you see is ever-changing. Heavily influenced by progressive symphonic metal styles, and dimensional forevers, LIPSHOK will let your soul travel and your spirit wander...LIPSHOK: Another realm is waiting...

Let the darkness surround you with it's ever-changing light and your spirit will seek a new road...


This is the link to In Darkness, Light released in 2010

Lipshok: In Darkness, Light


Here is the link to the new LIPSHOK CD: LIPSHOK: The Soul of a Broken Mind



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Available now! LIPSHOK: The Soul of a Broken Mind! On itunes and Amazon!

As well as LIPSHOK: In Darkness, Light

Coming soon (late summer 2016): To Haunt a Quiet Realm
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